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Didn't know you were still alive, it's good to see the oldschool style truckin along. yet at the same time, I think I've grown out of the spam N' eggs... I don't know. Maybe My tastes have changed nowadays

Horsenwelles responds:

its all about the experience. everyone has changed in 5 years, but who says we cant have another little fiasco again ;)

Great start you guys!

This story has so much character, and so many different aspects to explore... solid writing, and a nice and cohesive art design makes me think this is going to be a big hit!

Hey, I remember this!

As always, the animation is excellent.

The gag was simple, yet satisfying... although you get dinged a point for reused material, and the entertainment factor is worth a giggle, but nothing more...

Regardless of these nit-picks, it's always great to see stuff from you. you always deliver the fun factor for mostly all ages!

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We can finally rest easy as the beard is (supposedly) shaven now! great game, but hails in comparison to the original!

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Here's what I'll send in...

Acting: Some personalities were more believable than others, and some seemed to be stuttering before saying the right words. I know most people don't talk very fluently but this seemed a little overdone, almost too improvised.

Fit: All voices were done well, and they fit their corresponding characters with almost stereotypical precision... in a good way though.

Originality: Even though it was an overused subject, the addictions were very unique, and it is quite entertaining to visualize these people's addictions.

Range: All characters have their own distinction, and it was pulled off quite nicely. I think two characters sounded a little too similar, but since the dialogue is so rapid-fire it's not too noticeable.

Mixing: (at first) There's nice background chatter, and the music fit nicely... I could hardly spot any pops or hard letters, and the volume was very even throughout the- (suddenly) FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUCCKKK!!?! Take that goddamn cricket chirp out... I think my ears are bleeding!

I'm thinking your strong points were in the "Fit" & "Originality" categories.

I really dug the improv style of humor even though some lines were over-the-top, it still adds to the presentation.

JaShinYa responds:

Thanks very much for the great review! A lot of people have been telling me about that cricket thing. It didn't seem that loud for me so I'm not sure what happened. haha.
The improv was a lot of fun, but I might try a script next time and see how it goes.
Thanks again! Can't wait to see the final results!

This is what I will send in...

Acting: Most lines were believable, as their characters' voices sounded like themselves, even though some of them went slightly out of character.

Fit: Yep... they fit well.

Originality: Kinda lacking, I think you could've created your own characters and it would still mostly have the same humor.

Range: Done with ease, there was only one or two times I could tell they were the same person.

Mixing: Very clear, and has very audibly pleasing sound effects at the right moments, except the part where Mario kills Heavy... that part seemed like it was cut sloppily.

The humor here is definitely one of your strong points, and most of the impressions were... well... impressive!

The thing about impressions is that IF you can pull them off well, it makes the "fit" portion kinda a breeze, but what this takes away from is the originality, all it takes is putting characters from popular games/shows, and placing them in different situations.

Your interpretations of these characters' actions are entertaining, and it was easy to listen to multiple times. I could easily envision all these characters "acting" in this audio skit! Although I wish the ending line would make have SOMETHING to do with the previous "shows" you did a good job nonetheless!

DruoxtheShredder responds:

I was arguing with myself with the whole "original characters? Or impressions?' And I came to this conclusion: There's been so many voices over the years. So many different characters brought to life that no matter who I did it would "sound like [insert character name here]" therefore I mostly took a spastic storyline (Changing the channels on a TV) so I could put in that random "..and that's why I'm a millionaire!" part without making it lame or having to complicate a simple premise.

Aaaand that's my reasoning behind it. I'm glad the humor was good, and I am happy the voices were diverse and well done. It was what I intended.

It's pretty catchy!

Except catchy songs tend to stick to the same melody...

I appreciate that you stepped it up and had little interludes into different beats throughout the songs, I just wish the main track (the happy notes) could've been switched up a bit more... especially the bridge.

all in all, I really enjoyed it, it sounds like something I would hear in a collab, or a demo reel of some kind!

Assios responds:

Hmm yeah, it's pretty repetitive. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

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Extremely simplistic...

But has a certain charm to it... very nice for a quick glance

I know, what a load of shit!

If they were put against Zynga they might've stood a chance!

"What? you aren't Japanese schoolgirls! YAAHHH!

My personal favorite detail is that the both have Poseidon's Trident.

Even if I didn't know you made this... I would still say "This is definitely greasy moose material" you do have a liking to squishy sea dwellers!

I'm ready to make Flash... but not very well.

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